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Photopolymer plates production by Flexo24 v.2 software

The new ONLINE flexo prepress software has been published. It's version v.2.0.1 rel'22, TRY IT NOW.

Flexo plate distortion: precaution for flexo printing.


Packaging design: all packaging trade fairs

Packaging design and much more: all flexographic exhibition available in one Calendar. A guide to stay informed about all flexo events every day.

1 Bit TIFF encapsulated data into PDF for Flexo24 plates

The encapsulated LEN file allows Flexo 24 to engrave flexo plates with the RIPs values of the customer's printing system.

Flexographic plates by Flexo 24 for next flexo NOW!

Flexo innovation May 9, 2022 Posted by:

Today the plates are even easier to order! Try the improvements introduced.

Flexo dots: Hybrid or Circular? Flexo 24 is the answer.

Flexo24 is constantly updating to be the best choice for packaging printing projects.

Agile work is a reality for the new market with Flexo 24!

Agile work is strongly requested for today’s packaging business. Flexo24 is ready. it is the online solution to optimize the workflow for printing packaging on different materials.

Flexo printing: the 12 top mistakes and their solutions!

The most effective solutions to solve them that printers might experience at various stages while printing for packaging.

Flexo printing: how to prepare a pdf for your flexo plate

Flexo innovation October 6, 2021 Posted by:

Flexo printing needs that the pdf file must be prepared correctly in order to avoid unexpected print results.

Sustainable product: the wash-off label

Sustainability is driven by consumers and companies. Coveris presents the recyclable product.