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Liquid photopolymer gives way to digital plates!

Liquid and digital photopolymer plates: what are the most significant differences and why going digital is now worthwhile!

Kodak flexo plates: more than 6 reasons to choose them.

More about flexo print March 20, 2019 Posted by:

Kodak flexo plates are taking your flexo printing to an advanced level.

Flexo 24: great innovation for flexo printing

More about flexo print January 3, 2019 Posted by:

Innovating today means introducing technology within the reach of general users that provides solutions that bring real benefits.

Flexo pre-press for the PDF: how to optimizing?

More about flexo print November 26, 2018 Posted by:

Flexo pre-press for the PDF means analyzing 20 features for managing the plate for flexo printing.

Flexo plates precautions: handled with care - Flexo 24

More about flexo print November 6, 2018 Posted by:

To avoid damages and loss of quality, make sure that all the requirements are met for proper storage of the plates after usage. Please read more.