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Set to -10% because it is considered compensation average value.
If you do not know the compensation value of your printing system, order the calibration test.In promotion, you will be discounted on the next purchase.

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Make and receive your own digital plate in 24 hours*.

Simply focus on designing the packaging: Flexo 24 will take care of the digital plate. (*) Depending on courier’s availability. Deliveries are not provided on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

A new and innovative tool for creating digital plates directly online.

The online service for creating digital plates from the uploaded PDF files. Flexo 24, with the innovative PDF recognition system - embodies the innovation in the flexo printing industry: order your plate online now!

The benefit of having Flexo 24 as an online partner for flexo printing.

Knowing the flexo printing industry well, you know the importance of timeliness, and of having a reliable partner for creating your digital plate.

  • reliability relieves you of stress
  • you can optimize time and costs
  • and be sure that your plates will be top quality

Technology changes are only useful if they practically serve companies.
Flexo 24 aims to be the innovative and reliable driving force for flexo printing companies.

How to create your digital flexo plate with Flexo 24.

Three simple and intuitive steps designed to make ordering easy from the outset:
  1. 1) select the substrate and characteristics
  2. 2) upload the PDF and check the preview
  3. 3) confirm and complete the order

However, if you already purchased one or more flexo plates before, you can order a new plate without having to set the parameters all over again. Simply click on the yellow button "QUICK ORDER" where your previous order is displayed on your ACCOUNT DASHBOARD: all the parameters will be automatically filled, so no need to set them again.

Flexo24 technology guarantees for its customers

Flexo 24 use brand new original plate

Photopolymer plates stored as new

Photopolymer plates stored as new as from the manufacturer's specifications.
Flexo 24 plate none delamination

No delamination

No delamination of the photopolymer plates. In case of delamination, free return within 30 days.
Minimum tolerances guarantee by Flexo 24

Minimum tolerances guaranteed

Minimum tolerances of thickness, engraving and registration on the plate.

1. Choosing the substrate for the flexo printing

With Flexo 24, you can order plates for printing on:
  • paper and paperboard
  • plastic film
  • aluminium reels
  • cardboard
  • tissue reels

For flexo printing on paper and paperboard

For printing on paper envelopes or bags, you can use plates created for various types of inks:
  • water-based
  • solvent-based
  • UV inks
  • with the innovative electron beam ink

You can select various types of plate thickness:
  • 1.14 mm
  • 1.14 NXH - Kodak
  • 1.70 mm
  • 2.54 mm
  • 2.84 mm
  • 3.94 mm
  • 4.32 mm
  • 4.70 mm
  • 5.00 mm
  • 5.50 mm

Flexo printing on plastic film

Create your plate for printing on packaging, plastic bottle labels and food packaging. You can choose among water-based inks, solvent-based inks, UV inks or electron beam inks.
You can select different types of screen ruling depending on the ink you chose and the resolution, which ranges from 19 lcm (lines per centimetre) to 88 lcm.

Create your plate for printing on aluminium substrates

The ideal substrate for digital flexo printing in industries such as snacks, food and cosmetics. Also select which ink you want to print with:
  • water-based
  • solvent-based
  • UV inks
Dotgain compensation is useful to adapt full tone patterns, images and vector graphics to the conditions of your printing system.

Plates for flexo printing on cardboard

Get the Flexo plate to print your packaging projects on:
  • cardboard
  • customised cardboard for packaging
  • cardboard for shipping

Plates for flexo printing on cardboard

The tissue printed with Flexo 24 plates can be used for:
  • paper cloths
  • napkins, table covers and placemats
  • absorbent paper
  • all substrates made of soft fabric

You can choose to print with only water-based inks and create a plate with 2,540 dpi resolution.

Your projects in high definition

After carefully choosing the substrate and ink type, you have 4 options:
  1. 1. Thickness of the Flexo plate ranging from 1.14 mm to 5.50 mm.
  2. 2. Resolution, which can be 2450 dpi or 4000 dpi (high definition).
  3. 3. Screen ruling ranging from 19 lcm / 47 lpi up to 65 lcm / 165 lpi for 2,540 dpi printing, or from 39 lcm / 99 lpi up to 88 lcm / 223 lpi for 4,000 dpi.
  4. 4. The type of printing, whether front or reverse.

With Flexo 24 you can create high resolution plates, up to 4,000 dpi.
A real added value that gives every project an outstanding quality thanks to a very well defined and detailed print, suitable for the most demanding projects.
You can create a 4,000 dpi high definition plate for printing on aluminium, paper and paperboard and plastic film.

Set the dotgain compensation curve

Before uploading, it is important to set the dot-gain compensation curve.
This value must be set according to the flexo printing system that is available at your company. An incorrect setting will result in an over saturated print with high tonal values.

2. You are now ready to upload the file for checking

At this stage, upload the file for checking. Having prepared the file it is time to upload it.
If you've done everything correctly, in a few seconds you will receive:
  • the outcome of the verification
  • the previews. You can now check the engraving angles and...

3. You're good to go!

Flexo 24 is simple and easy to use:
  1. 1) Set the parameters
  2. 2) Upload the PDF and choose the plate
  3. 3) Check the engraving angles and the quotation
  4. 4) Buy your plate!
Sample of an engraved photopolymer plate produced by Flexo 24
* The images on this page are for reference only. They do not refer to the actual product.
** The area of the plates is obtained by adding 1,5 cm, 0,59", all around to the printing dimensions (base +3 cm x height +3 cm, base +1,18" x height +1,18" cm) and by rounding up decimals to the next half centimeter.

Any doubts?

Check out our FAQ. If you still can't find what you're looking for, write to us (or call) and we will help.

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