PDF File Check

PDF File Check, a 15 minute module, check your PDF file before the flexo plate is implemented.

PDF File Check! With Flexo 24 it's possible to request PDf file control - 15 min modules - for optimization before ordering the flexo plate.

A specialized operator will take over the sent pdf and will communicate with the contact person to proceed or not with the realization of the order:
• support from a qualified operator to optimize your flexo plate,
• extra checking on your PDF file, in addition to our PDF analysis software,
• increased reliability for your order of flexo plates,
• possibility of managing the number of modules that you need according to PDF file, with the benefit of an improved service for better flexo printing.

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PDF File Check – 15 minutes module - before the production of your flexo plates.

At Flexo 24 printers, graphic studios and labels and packaging operators have the chance to ask to check their PDF files for flexo.
Purchasing one or more PDF file check modules gives you access to our optimization service for your adobe acrobat pdf and for the production of flexo plates.
These are the PDF optimization actions that will be performed by our operators:

  • checking separations (registration marks, presence of any elements that could affect images, vectorial quality control),
  • checking image colours,
  • checking texts quality (spelling check not included),
  • checking barcodes readability,
  • checking trapping,
  • checking distortion (NOTE: we need you to provide print direction, the print repeat of the machine, plate thickness or clearly declare them on the graphic design)
  • checking imposition,
  • any additional check to be agreed with the customer.
  • How to order your PDF file check module.

    Purchasing your PDF file check module is very easy. You can just call us +39 0422 165 0004 or send us a detailed request info@flexo24.com, indicating: the desired services and the information about your printing machine. Please also attach the PDF file that you want to check for flexo.

    No doubts left, now you can order your flexo plate!

    After you have received the final PDF file from our operator you can configure your plate:

  • select your substrate and the features,
  • upload your PDF file and check the previews. While uploading, your PDF file will be further checked by our exclusive pre-flight software. For more information read our blog article on the checked features,
  • confirm and continue your order selecting the option 24hrs or 72hrs.

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