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Printing plates: how to pay them securely? By Stripe!

One-click payment is LINK for all Stripe partner services. From the last page, choose the payment method you prefer and BUY your flexo products.

Flexo 24: great innovation for flexo printing

More about flexo print April 7, 2023 Posted by:

Innovating today means introducing technology within the reach of general users that provides solutions that bring real benefits.

Photopolymer plates production by Flexo24 v.2 software

The new ONLINE flexo prepress software has been published. It's version v.2.0.1 rel'22, TRY IT NOW.

Flexo plate distortion: precaution for flexo printing.


Kodak flexo plates: more than 6 reasons to choose them.

More about flexo print November 11, 2022 Posted by:

Kodak flexo plates are taking your flexo printing to an advanced level.

Packaging design: all packaging trade fairs

Packaging design and much more: all flexographic exhibition available in one Calendar. A guide to stay informed about all flexo events every day.

1 Bit TIFF encapsulated data into PDF for Flexo24 plates

The encapsulated LEN file allows Flexo 24 to engrave flexo plates with the RIPs values of the customer's printing system.

Sustainable packaging: now your Company can!

The project to establish a new sustainable packaging standard since the launch of the Propafilm™ Strata.

DHL Shipment Track by Flexo 24!

In any time you can track your order through the DHL tracking code.

Photopolymer in flexo printing: his history across time

Flexography and photopolymer are modern direct letterpress rotary printing. Here's their whole story.