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Flexo 24: great innovation for flexo printing
More about flexo print April 4, 2022 Posted by:

Flexo 24: great innovation for flexo printing

Flexo 24: innovation for flexo printing.

Flexo 24 is an incredible innovation for the flexo printing industry. There is no other service for creating digital plates online like this. Flexo 24 is innovation.

Learn more about Flexo 24: the first service for creating digital flexo plates in 24 hours.

"Innovating today means introducing technology within the reach of general users that provides solutions that bring real benefits. In this digital age, having a unique and original idea is not enough. Flexo 24 with experience, and professionalism has succeeded in creating the first B2B e-commerce for the flexo printing industry".
Livio Simionato, R&D Flexo 24.

Ideas and technology: how Flexo 24 was born.

Those working in the flexo printing industry know the complexity of PDF for creating flexo plates. With their intuition and experience, Diego di Muro and Livio Simionato were the first to introduce the solution for creating flexo plates online: Flexo 24.

1st ranked in Eh!wards 2018: Flexo 24 elected best E-commerce of the year.

During the Eh!wards 2018, the evening dedicated to the best E-commerce of 2018 that saw in competition about 120 candidates, Flexo 24 was awarded as best E-commerce of 2018!

Planning and continuous research.

Flexo 24 is a team of professionals in the fields of:

  • flexo printing processes,
  • digital marketing,
  • web development,

The team of professionals, led by Andrea Tronchin, managed to create a platform for ordering flexo plates online after a careful and rigorous research process. This is how the core of the Flexo 24 technology was created: the online software for PDF analysis.


The online software for PDF analysis is the exclusive file-recognition system PDF analysis is the exclusive file-recognition system for creating flexo plates. This cutting-edge system is available only at Flexo 24. It analyses up to 20 improved PDF features in real time and in just a few seconds!

Flexo 24's offer to its clients.

It's a state-of-the-art system for flexo. Flexo 24 offers:

  • continuous manufacturing for receiving your plate in 24 or 72 hours;
  • prints with the maximum size available on the market, 127 x 203 cm, 50 x 80 inc.
  • Kodak Flexcel NX available for 1.14 thickness;
  • BLOG with technical and informative material and tutorials;
  • quality checks included in the price;
  • telephone support when buying;
  • safety and reliability;
  • offers and discounts on purchases.

Placing your order with Flexo 24 is simple:

  1. Select your digital plate.
  2. Upload the PDF for the checkConfirm the plates and their angles.
  3. Buy your plate!

Follow the steps with this video:

An extract of the full infographic to repeat the main steps on how to prepare pdf for flexo plate.

Flexo 24 wants to generate professional interest about flexographic sector and provides all its acknowledge through the blog. Here the preview of the article dedicated to the guide for creating the pdf for flexo.

Flexo 24 is for companies working in the flexo printing industry.

Customers of a flexo printing company need to place their trust and reliability in the manufacturer. Flexo 24 is a valuable aid to the flexo operator as it offers:

  • speed
  • reliability
  • quality

reducing costs and processing time without neglecting delivery times.


Now Available: possibility of on site order retirement, using on the cart the promo code FREESHIPPING (sending us all the currier details).

The many Flexo 24 warranties.

We guarantee that the plates are new and that they have been stored according to manufacturer's specifications. Safe packaging.

  • secure payment transactions with SSL technology,
  • security in the processing of company data,
  • a quality product manufactured and delivered within 24 or 72 hours from placing the order,
  • easy re-ordering,checking of the plate created included in the price,
  • customer service: (+39) 0422 165 0004.

Flexo 24 can create plates quickly and with highest quality because:

Flexo 24 is your reliable partner for:

  • Brand agency
  • Flexographic printshop
  • Communication agency
  • Graphic studio
  • Quality control operator
  • Graphics operator
  • Technical manager
  • Business manager
  • Technical office personnel
  • Flexographic printer

Continuous improved features and respect for the environment.

Flexo printing and sustainability go hand in hand. Flexo 24 is particularly committed to respecting the environment. We use working methods and purification/abatement systems to achieve the least environmental impact.

Start now and become a Flexo 24 customer: create your own plate!