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DHL Shipment Track by Flexo 24!

DHL Shipment Track by Flexo 24!

DHL Shipment Track by Flexo 24!

DHL Shipment Track OF Flexo 24 shipment with the tracking number that you receive for your order, your package. USE IT TO TRACK YOUR ORDER.


You can purchase your digital flexo plate from Flexo 24 using the best payment methods available today, Stripe, read here. Your order will be processed as fast as possible and your package will be handled to DHL courier. From that moment your tracking number will be released and sent you by e-mail.

How to track my order with DHL?

DHL shipment track by Flexo 24

DHL is the global courier for shipping from Italy to abroad. Follow a few easy steps to track your DHL package in real time:

  1. open the page “Track your shipment”.
  2. Enter your tracking number (for example 1234567).
  3. Press on “track”.

After a few seconds some clear and detailed information about your shipment will be displayed.


See further information by clicking “All shipment updates”.

Just like Flexo 24, DHL aims to customer’s satisfaction and offers some other useful information such as:

BOOK A COLLECTION with your courier from Flexo 24’s office, once your order is ready.

Flexo 24 provides customers with the opportunity to collect their orders through their courier, during normal office hours: from 8.30 am to 12.30 am and from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm.


On the last page, before purchase, choose "PICKUP AT HEADQUARTERS." and no shipping cost will be attributed, also visible in the receipt.


In addition to choosing the item, as shown in the previous point, it is necessary:

  • add NOTE IN YOUR ORDER before proceeding with your purchase, writing, "Pickup at your location with ASSIGNED PORT (Name of your carrier + YOUR CUSTOMER CODE)."
  • personally contact your courier for a pickup request at our location at Via Giorgione, 8. 31056 Roncade, Treviso.
  • forward the waybill to the administration in the case of TNT and for couriers that require it.

NOTE: Before placing the order be sure your account is valid for collections also in foreign countries.

Order your plates from Flexo 24,
you can track your order in real time!


Before proceeding with the order, we recommend checking the notices published on the DHL official website following links: