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Sustainable packaging: now your Company can!

Sustainable packaging: now your Company can!

Sustainable packaging: now your Company can!

Sustainable packaging is now available for all flexo companies. Take action now and preserve our environmental resources for the future generations.

Flexo 24 sustains innovation for environmental sustainability for the production of the photopolymer plates. Today more than before, saving our resources and preserving our planet are social issues also for the flexo companies in Flexible Packaging. In Flexo 24’s BLOG, from the link “News”, you can find out some other articles about flexo market and packaging.

The market is ready to require the new packaging made from eco-friendly materials.

As we already discussed on our Twitter profile: the demand for flexo systems plates to print on eco-friendly substrates is going to increase.

Innovia and Wildcorn developed and put on the market a 100% recyclable, sustainable packaging.

The two German companies Wildcorn GmbH and Innovia Films LTD of CCL Industries associated to produce a 100% recyclable and sustainable packaging for the Wildcorn Bio Popcorn snack varieties and launched in ALDI’s mass retail market their zero impact popcorn bag.

Wildcorn producto on Propafilm™ Strata - Flexo 24

The new BOPP film Propafilm™ Strata by Innovia is the standalone monofilmic solution to be used in the sustainable packaging laminate constructions to be ‘recycle ready’ in those countries equipped with the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene films.


To make the packs for the Wildcorn product range, a lamination of Propafilm™ Strata and a white cavitated OPP was used. The resulting pack is a perfect container for
• aroma,
• mineral oils,
• and oxygen.

Even at high humidity levels, the pack allows increased shelf life and reduced food waste.

The high barrier Propafilm™ Strata by Innovia is glossy and suitable for food contact as it is chlorine free. It can be used for a wide range of applications in different markets and it can also be printed, which is really revolutionary for this kind of recyclable material.

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Who are the innovators of this sustainable and printable packaging film?

Innovia Films LTD is a biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film producer. The company is a leader in the market of labels, security films, high-performance glossy films and tobacco overwrap. The international manufacturer has more than 1200 employees around the world and the production plants are in Australia, Belgium, Mexico and United Kingdom.

Wildcorn GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2016 and produces 100% organic snacks. The company started a sustainability program since 2017 through the partnership with Mellifera, the German organization dedicated to protecting bees and promoting the use of agricultural resources to restore and maintain the local ecosystems, for example by planting flowers.

Made for recycling - Wildcorn - Interseroh - Innovia

The 100% recyclable and sustainable packs for organic popcorns made with the Innovia film were tested by Interseroh, an independent German recycling and consulting company that confirmed them as completely recyclable and awarded them with the certification ‘Made for recycling’.

Innovia Films and the German snack producer Wildcorn supported by Interseroh worked together to introduce in the packaging and flexo market a 100% recyclable and sustainable food pack

Order and receive your plates with Flexo 24 to print on this innovative film.