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Flexographic plates by Flexo 24 for next flexo NOW!
Flexo innovation May 9, 2022 Posted by:

Flexographic plates by Flexo 24 for next flexo NOW!

Flexographic plates by Flexo 24 for next flexo NOW!

Flexographic plates by Flexo 24 because it is the first B2B e-commerce site for flexo market. Order your flexo plates online with the most complete and easy to use service for printers and packaging professionals.

Sets of plates are easy to purchase from Flexo 24! This is possible thanks to the new improvements designed and implemented by the team of professionals in our field. Today you can complete your order using the safest payment methods available from Stripe.

Do you design your packaging for the flexo market?

Packaging has an extremely vast market which is constantly increasing. A fast evolution is expected for some new materials employed in the ever-growing demand for sustainable strategies. Flexo 24 is the right partner in this evolution.

Delivery time and anonymous shipping.

Ordering by Flexo 24 and your plates are delivered in 24 hours directly to the printer. If you do not want your end customer to know who produced the plates for packaging, then select the option “anonymous shipping”.

Prices with no comparison.

If your business is to design packaging you will certainly have already chosen flexo among the various printing techniques. Flexo is more competitive in prices by the same production volume than rotogravure, offset and digital printing because Flexo 24 processes plates with lower costs in comparison with those by the other printing techniques.

No trouble for your customers.

Thanks to two Vianord modular systems, Flexo 24 guarantees the same high quality for all your projects and your plates..

Shrink label.

Plates from Flexo 24 enable to print in flexo and to achieve a much wider color range (GAMUT) thanks to their excellent ink transfer to the substrate that was selected for your packaging. The shrink labels that you design will result in extremely vivid colors..


To enhance contrast and improve print results you can include in your pdf files reinforcing colours: 2 flexo plates printing together, e.g. blue overprinting cyan.

That’s why Flexo 24 is ready for printers, too!

Flexo printing can be set for various applications in the packaging market:

  • paper,
  • paperboard,
  • aluminium,
  • adhesive paper,,
  • plastic film and
  • tissue.

With Flexo 24 you can order all the plates for these substrate!


Our standard and Kodak calibration test is needed to set the compensation curve of the printed dot, for your printing system. Order your test now with Flexo 24, you will get a refund.

Delivery time: choose what suits you best.

Flexo 24 delivers your flexo plates in 24 hours if you place your order by 10.00 am(*). Otherwise you can save around 15% and receive them in 72 hours(**).

Cost optimization.

You can use your continuous tone plate ordered from Flexo 24 to print different projects designed with the same flexo systems. You can thus optimize your production costs.

Your customers’ satisfaction always guaranteed.

You will always know where your plates are because Flexo 24 provides the tracking number of your shipment. This will be useful to keep your customer always up to date about the delivery.

Pre-press suppliers order plates from Flexo 24.

Pre-press companies execute the projects from graphic studios and transform them into printing plates. Many customers of Flexo 24 are pre-press companies and, thanks to our technology, they can offer printing plates in all thicknesses available in the market:

without investing in new machines and with no need of keeping a stock.

Fine-tune delivery time for your own production.

Why is Flexo 24 suitable for flexographic prepress companies? Because these are equipped to upload the files and plan production choosing between 24 (*) and 72 hours (**).

Costs in real time.

All customers can control the costs for their plates independently. At Flexo 24 a tool is always available to calculate an immediate offer for your plates:

Fast quote before uploading the PDF

(*) delivered within 1 working day according to the courier’s availability. (**) VAT and shipping cost are not included.

You can supply your customers with the best market brands.

Today, pre-press companies can offer their customers also the materials that they have not include in their portfolio jet:

  • without any costs for extra equipment,
  • without any extra-budget material stocking and machine servicing.


Flexo 24 offers only materials from the major plate producers:
• Flint Group
• Mac Dermid

Today, solutions for digital flexo plates are within your reach thanks to Flexo 24.

Because Flexo24 offers digital photopolymer to print with:

  • water-based inks,
  • solvent-based inks
  • UV-inks or
  • Electron Beam,

on all substrates for packaging. Here an infographic summing up the main steps::

Thats why you have to choose Flexo 24


There are no such online services because Flexo24, thanks to a more than 40-years’ experience in the field of flexo pre-press inherited by the founder company Nu-Maber, can give you the best instructions on how to handle your plates..

Flexo plates precautions handled with care

Secure transactions with a dedicated SSL proxy.

A dedicated SSL proxy (security level) renders the previews from the software for the PDF files analysis. For end-to-end secure and confidential connections..

24/7 Customer support. Flexo 24 is always available for you and your company.

We have a dedicated customer service department supporting our customers through all the steps until the delivery. Our service is available by:

  • email,
  • dedicated phone number,,
  • live chat,
  • social media.

It’s time to create your account and order your plates.

Flexo 24 is a flexographic prepress online system unique in its field that aims to become the perfect partner for your company in the flexo market. Sign up to our newsletter and receive your € 20 voucher:

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