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Plates online made from your PDF = Flexo 24 do it!

Plates online made from your PDF = Flexo 24 do it!

Plates online made from your PDF = Flexo 24 do it!

Plates online for Food packaging agency, or multiple-substrate printers, or even professionals in the field of packaging can provide their customers with a full service because Flexo 24 offers a complete, real-time process for the production of printing plates.

Plates online made from the designing of the packages and wrapping are a result of processes carried out by a wide range of professionals.

Flexo 24 makes the engraving of digital flexo plate easier through:

Flexo 24’s service offers a unique opportunity.

How does it work?


Enter your login details and access the new workflow now: high technology flexo printing with Flexo 24. Order now your plates available for paper and paperboard, plastic film and aluminum, coated and adhesive paper ,with the following resolutions:

  • 4000 dpi,
  • 2540 dpi,
  • Kodak Flexcel NX.


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Flexo 24 is a B2B service ready for your company of the packagin field.

On our online platform you will find the next generation technology for the Food packaging field to achieve consistent and guaranteed results:

  • Free upload notice.
  • Copy of your invoice in your profile.
  • DHL tracking included.
  • Option for “onsite collection” using your courier’s account.
  • Experts always available online.