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The Flexo24 service
Manufacture photopolymer digital plates for flexo printing
Flexo 24 has been a passion for over 40 year
The future of flexography is now
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The service for the packaging Companies
Flexo24 has been born for over 40 years
of experience in the flexographic sector.
Today is the innovative ONLINE service
exclusive for Companies in the packaging supply chain.

Flexo service is available 24/7 with ongoing innovation

The first online flexo service available round the clock to manufacture photopolymer digital plates for flexo printing. To speed up your flexo business.

Continuous research in process innovation and automation.
These are the values coming from the thirty-year experience of Nu-Maber, the Italian leader in the flexo engraving industry, on which the new digital company Flexo24, the flexo plates online service for flexo printing, is based upon.
The two founders Diego Di Muro and Livio Simionato introduce the first online flexo service for the manufacturing and delivery of photopolymer plates in 24 or 72 hours. Depending on courier’s availability. Deliveries are not provided on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
Latest generation machineries

Latest generation machineries.

To ensure high quality standard for digital plates: 2 Vianord lines.
4 CTP workstations 24 hrs active

4 CTP workstations 24 hrs active.

All processes are automated to delivery status notifications from order to delivery.
Quality checks included

Quality checks included.

Technological features that guarantee quality throughout the machining process.
  • Diego Di Muro CEO Flexo 24

    Diego Di Muro

  • Livio Simionato R&D Flexo 24

    Livio Simionato

  • Andrea Tronchin ecommerce manager Flexo 24

    Andrea Tronchin

    E-commerce manager
  • Sara Callegari Administrative officer Flexo 24

    Sara Callegari

    Administrative officer

Flexo24 enters the European flexo printing market bringing high-tech speed and reliability.

This tag will be bringing together all the cross-media experiences that increase the Flexo24 experience.
Start innovating with Flexo24
Flexo24 is the 24/7 solution for the flexo printing industry. Always ready to increase the competitiveness of your company. Ordering is quick and simple. With the unique online software system proven for Flexo24, you can check the PDF feasibility before engraving the plates. Choose in a few steps:
  • • which print type to create the plates for;
  • • the engraving angle;
  • • confirm and get them on your desk in the shortest time.

Technological guarantee:
  • • 3 Glunz & Jensen and 1 Vianord exposure units
  • • 4 Esko CTP workstations
  • • 2 fully-automated Vianord production lines
  • • Kodak Flexcel NX Wide
The team
Flexo24 is a BtoB e-commerce dedicated to companies. It's the service provider for the flexo printing.
It's one of a kind because the final product is the result of a consolidated high-technology, process guaranteed by more than 30 years of activity.
For such an important project, the founders rely on all collaborators of Italian excellence. Flexo24 never stops. We are always on the look out for new collaborators to join our team. Perhaps you too can join!
How the Flexo24 service works. The technology.
Make you flexo plate on-line NOW
The core of Flexo24 is the technology used to process the files uploaded by users. The unique system designed for Flexo24 is the software online: it processes and recognizes PDFs to manufacture TAG digital flexo plates.

It lets qualified operators manage PDFs for each processing:
  • • by guaranteeing precise production times,
  • • by reducing company costs,
  • • by increasing time for other professional activities and also for the family.

Flexo24 believes in the value of sharing expressed through the tag #SocialEnthusiastic, and offers a free analysis of the uploaded PDF.

The quality of the end product is the real strong point. Customer receives a final draft of the highest technological quality that allows them to obtain certification from Esko HD, leader in the technology applied to the flexo platemaking. The improved features system is fully automated and guaranteed by the innovative integrated technology.

A highly professional processing managed by qualified personnel allows the order to be processed between 24 and 72 hours. Such lead times are much sought after in this industry.

Help Flexo24

Frequently asked questions

Live chat operator

Call Customer Service

The Flexo24 service is equipped with an internal department dedicated to customer service. It is a key department that supports the customer from the first to the last step, from using the configurator to the delivery of the plates, and beyond:
  • • It can be reached by email
  • • by the dedicated number
  • • by live chat
  • • through all social media dedicated to BtoB

The customer department will also follow you after delivery, up to the post-order stage.

Flexo24 service guarantees

Plate Icon

Total control of the plate

Flexo 24 gives you the guarantee on the free check of the file sent and the plate made.
Privacy Icon

Non-disclosure agreement and protected saved data

Flexo 24 gives you the fullest guarantee for the processing of your personal data and those of your company.

Secure SSL transactions

Flexo 24 uses SSL technology in every page of the website and especially on the pages where sensitive data are requested. By doing so, your data cannot be tracked down since they are encrypted.
Delivery Icon

Final product made & delivered in 24 or 72 hours.*

Flexo 24 manufactures the purchased items in 24 or 72 hours and entrusts them to the best national and international couriers. (*)Depending on courier’s availability. Deliveries are not provided on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
Payment Icon

Possibility of reordering, in case of return

If conformity defects Flexo 24 makes possible the original reordering.
Flexo24 is a guarantee for its customer because
  • • has the know-how of a historical and consolidated company with over 30 years experience in the industry,
  • • uses international suppliers,
  • • has the technological equipment and capabilities to guarantee quality throughout the manufacturing process,
  • • relies on fully automated processes,
  • • it is the only one in Italy with latest-generation machines:
    • • 3 Glunz & Jensen and 1 Vianord exposure units
    • • 4 Esko CTP workstations
    • • 2 independent and fully-automated production lines from Vianord
    • • Kodak Flexcel NX Wide
Thus your results are consistent and guaranteed.
Plus, with Flexo24 service
Customers can choose to apply for Esko HD product certification.
The company is focused on innovation and environmental impact. It is equipped with a double system for recycling the solvents of the platemaking process and a double photovoltaic system: ECO-FRIENDLY.
Quality controls are constant and included in the price.
Professional PDF analysis for flexo printing is FREE
There is also the possibility of reordering: that is, the recovery of the latest order's details, but with a different PDF file to upload.
The speed of the platemaking process allows high quality and low costs.
Are aviable all Stripe's method payments - read this post about it.

Secure, customizable and fast payment system.

Flexo24's payments are secure and encrypted with the SSL technology - the standard for encrypted transitions - and are also customizable:

  • Stripe for Flexo 24

    The payment system created specifically for e-commerce. With its special characteristics, Stripe is a totally secure payment system. Integrated with the smart 3D-Secure system, it allows users to save their own information so that they can purchase with just one click (1 click payment). This procedure satisfies regular customers. Furthermore, with RWD (responsive web design) technology, it does not neglect mobile users. Stripe is the validation technology for online payments. It is used by more than 35,000 e-commerce platforms and is constantly expanding.

  • Bank transfer payment
    Advanced back transfer

    Without a credit card or without a virtual account, payment by advanced back transfer works with the usual bank company account information. You will receive the email of the new order indicating the Flexo 24 iban number to which forward the payment. Remember to enter the order number in the reason. Once the account has been credited, Flexo 24 sends you the order.

Flexo24 service solutions for flexo printing: market in evolution.
Automation, continuous production and well-structured logistics are the strong points that increase the value of Flexo24 service. In a constantly evolving market, the quality of the manufacturing process is a guarantee for reliability.
24 hours of high-quality production processes that respect the environment.
Flexo24 service and respect for the environment: a must-have combination for this kind of products.
The Flexo24 service is ECO-FRIENDLY.

Flexo24 service is the unique online system for the sale of flexo plates. It's the ideal partner for flexo printing companies in both Italy and Europe.
Start innovating with the Flexo24 service

Flexo products.