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Press releases and brand guidelines Flexo 24
Flexo 24 has been a passion for over 40 year
The future of flexography is now
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The service for the packaging Companies
Flexo24 has been born for over 40 years
of experience in the flexographic sector.
Today is the innovative ONLINE service
exclusive for Companies in the packaging supply chain.

Flexo 24 for media: the official information for the all the communication offices of the industry sector.

Flexo 24 for media: press releases, events and the Flexo24 brand guidelines.

For every editorial need and for all the Flexo24 related topics, this section named Flexo 24 for media is available to support journalists, digital PR and social media managers. You can use the Flexo24 resources for blog posts, magazine or newspaper articles by following the guidelines found on this page and in the Brand Guidelines that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
Press Flexo 24

Flexo products.

Flexo 24 for media: press releases
Sign up at Flexo24.com to receive the official press releases. You can stay up to date on all the latest news from the flexo printing world released by the official channels.

Press review.
The best magazines and media centres for flexo are talking about Flexo24!

Flexo press: Events
Stay up to date on the events that Flexo24 attends. Follow our Twitter account @theFlexo24, hashtag #WeAreFlexo.
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Flexo24 KIT: download the official resources
The content available is useful to talk about the Flexo24 brand. To post an article on your blog or in the news portal dedicated to flexo printing. Here you'll find all the official content created by the Brand agency whom designed and created the visual identity of Flexo24. Follow the guidelines, do not modify or change the official Flexo24 colours or logos and follow the rules indicated below. For any doubts or would like more information, please contact us at our e-mail address or call us at +39 0422 165 000 4

Some essential notes regarding using the Flexo24 logo:
make sure to use the Flexo24 logo only with the sizes, styles and colours specified in the guidelines.

Uses not allowed:
  • • never modify the logo and trademark elements in any way.
  • • never change the shape of Flexo24's identity. Space, height and width ratios are in exact proportion.
  • • the only colour allowed for the identity is blue, as also indicated in the colour chart on the side. Black or white may be used in some cases for monochrome or special printing techniques. Secondary colours must NOT be used for the trademark/logo. • do not modify the waveform thickness under any circumstances; neither on the logo, nor the pattern.
  • • font: font and waveform shapes are all correctly drawn and proportionate between them: NEVER use a font to describe the word "flexo".
  • • the pay-off is upper case, not lower case, and the final dot is part of the graphics and therefore must be always included.
  • • NEVER change the position and size with respect to the logo, font and pay-off colour.
  • • use only the content provided in this page.

For any questions on use, please contact us.
Flexo press: Contact the editorial staff
Flexo24 editorial and press staffs are always available for more information. You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm through these channels:

E-mail: info@flexo24.com
Phone +39 0422 165 000 4
Chat and social networks.
Flexo press: download the resources and the Brand Guidelines
Logotipo Flexo 24
Logotipo Flexo 24 + payoff

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Download the guideline
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